#LocalLegends: Why We’re Staying Local This Summer

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The summer is near and we’re planning a handful of things to do with the kids this year. Living in South Florida means we have access to a number of local attractions for our family to enjoy.

Why Stay Local
From the beach to our community pool, to local parks and playgrounds, we’re doing it up this summer after months of being indoors with the kids. Now that our little girl has been able to strengthen her immune system, we’re getting ready to take on the local scene. This mama needs it just as much as the kids do. 

So, how do we plan to make it happen?

Well, prior to the baby, we’d take the boys to the playground a couple of times during the week. Now that the school year is almost over,  we’re looking for ways to keep our kids active.

With our community pool close by, there’s no better excuse to throw in some swimming sessions with the boys. It’s a great way to cool off after the playground.

The summer is also known to be wet/hurricane season in South Florida. To avoid it raining on our parade, we plan to check out a local indoor playground that just opened in our town. We’ve shown the boys some pictures and they’re excited to stop by.

Dressed For The Occasion
No matter the occasion, our boys are always dressed to impress. With help from brands we love, like Gymboree, there’s no way we can go wrong.

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Do you have any awesome plans for the summer with the kids? 


  1. Gymboree has the cutest kids clothing. When my son was younger. I used to shop there for him there all the time. Love the quality of their clothing.

  2. The kids will definitely be rocking Gymboree this season. I mean, isn’t that collection just amazing? Way to go with local!

  3. The kids are on half term for now. Summer holidays is in July in the UK so we still have weeks to plan something. We have nothing planned yet.

  4. I will be registering my first son for som robot building classes. I also intend to get more serious with his swimming lessons. I love the gymboree line up. They are cute

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