Lovers Do Not Argue, They Discuss

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In any type of relationship, there are its ups and downs. In moments of conflict, what do you find most effective in dealing with an argument? What is a healthy way to fight about a disagreement and a not-so-healthy way? In your experience, what have you learned about addressing conflict in any of your relationships?

I really do not like to argue. In fact, I actually consider arguments to be discussions because I like to talk about things rather than scream or yell. I do not think screaming or yelling will ever solve a problem, unless of course your intentions are to annoy the other person.

Jeff and I talk about our issues. There are moments we need our space and we understand that giving each other time to cool off is critical. I have a habit of closing myself in whenever something really bothers me. Sometimes I need to talk to myself before I voice out my emotions. (Is that weird? Does anyone else do this?)

I have been working on not bottling things up inside, and it has been a blessing for the both of us.

Your turn.

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