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His happiness is my own.

Moving to a different state with a six month old sounds like such a terrible idea, especially when you do not know much about where you are going to live. All I knew was we were going to rent a family member’s home and live fairly close to Jeff’s brother and his family. Oh, and that Costco was close to our home. That was all I knew.

Fast forward to the memories we have created in a new state with new people. It brings a smile to my face whenever I think of the happiness we have found here in Florida. I know it seems like such a terrible time to be discussing the perks of moving to Florida when most of our family and friends are dealing with snow and/or are snowed in, but hearing everyone complain about something as simple as snow makes us thankful for our decision.

The Perks Of Our Move Down South
One of my favorite bloggers, Betty Galvan, shared her thoughts on moving all over the world in a recent MomViews post. I think she pretty much summed up why things are really working for us in Florida, in saying: “I always tell our friends that being alone (as in away from family), has kept our marriage strong.” She then explained why: “There is no one to run to when we argue or the going gets tough. My husband and I have to resolve all issues privately.” The last line is so important for me. Having Jeff as not only my significant other, but also as my best friend, really opens up the doors to communication for us. And I love it!

Another perk to living in Florida with my family is we can plan family time or be spontaneous. Trips to the dog beach right before sunset are common for us. <3 Although we did it more in the summer, we are slowly working our way back to it because our boys genuinely enjoy running in the sand. Our last trip was earlier this month when we celebrated Rocky’s 9th birthday. You can read all about it here.

Aside from all the fun we have as a family, there are also other perks for our personal growth. Having me home with Sebastian gives Jeff a piece of mind. And I will admit that even when there are moments when being home can drive you insane, there are double the amount of memories to be made. Afternoon walks are a blessing for us. I know the boys really like it, and I enjoy them as well.

Since our move, I have been heavily focusing on my blog and sharing tips I learn along the way with other bloggers. I recently launched the MTME newsletter and I have been trying to perfect it with every batch that goes out. I shared my thoughts on why I really like the Beauty Blitz newsletter in this post.

Monetizing my blog through ads, sponsored posts (slowly, but surely)  and social media posts has been one of my major goals this year. Although I started in late October, I have been able to rack up some extra cash to help launch the MTMEshop and spread the word. As for Jeff, he has relocated this month and is a lot happier with his new position and the people he works with — and I could not be any happier for him! <3 He works hard and his new team really appreciates him for it. It is always better when you work with people who genuinely appreciate what you have to offer. <3 That is one thing this whole move has really shown me — the importance of living and working as a team. 

With time, I hope my parents pack their things and head down. I know they would love it here, plus my dad would be able to spend time with his cousin instead of chatting each other’s ears off. 😉 All I can do is hope and pray that they will be with me again some day.


  1. Natalie on the rocks

    I'm in a similar situation, only at the opposite end of the temperature spectrum, having recently moved away from family to Canada's Northwest Territories 🙂 Makes convincing my parents to move with us soooo much harder lol I agree with the part about making your marriage stronger. I feel like we're much more of a team now.

  2. Your on the right track and doing wonderfully!! Welcome to Florida Bella. BB2U

  3. Aww! Thank you. That means a lot to me. You and Heather are such an inspiration to me. <3

  4. Hi Natalie! Give it time. No matter what, your parents just want to see you happy — even if it's at a distance. Some days are tougher than others (like the holidays), but hopefully our parents will make the move. Let's keep our fingers crossed! 😉

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