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Chores for your baby

You can teach your child responsibility at an early age.

A child’s job is to play, but you want to teach them the importance of responsibility in their early years. If you only wait until your child takes a nap to clean, your child might not be able to grasp the importance of cleaning up and house chores.

Years before I became a mom I told family and friends how I wanted to teach my child how to be responsible for their things, including their mess. I joked around saying my child was going to have a rag under their knees when they crawled. With Sebastian, I did not have to do that. He watched me clean and always grabbed his wash cloths after each bath and started to clean the walls, and any surfaces he could get his hands on. It was cute watching him do that, but it also made me think of how important it was for him to mimic the good actions.

Ways Your Child Can Help With Chores
Sebastian loves watching me cook, and most of the time he likes to grab the pots and pans and make his own dishes. He even takes the wooden spoon to stir. I love seeing him help. It all started when he was attached to my hip. I could not find anything that would keep him down.

Family and friends kept telling me how dangerous it was to cook with him in my arms, and they were right. So one day I put him on the kitchen floor surrounded with pots, pans and spoons. I made sounds with them, and he slowly got the point. He played with them until he got bored, then he would crawl away. There were moments I placed him in his highchair with a wooden spoon and his baby plates to keep him from crawling away from me and into trouble. Your child loves to be involved in everything that you do; it is in their curious nature to want to know why and how you do something. Help them explore the world around them.

Below are four ways your child help with daily chores:

1. Cooking, +1 
Set up an play area in the kitchen for your child. You do not need to go out and buy a pretend kitchen set, the pots and pans you will not be using to make your meal is enough. If your child is of age, have him/her child test the food.

2. Cleaning Your Home
As I mentioned earlier, it is important for your child to see you cleaning your home. By watching you clean, they know what to do, and the more they see you do it, the better. Hand them a paper towel and show them what to do with it. You can also teach them how to pick up and put away their toys.

3. Getting Laundry Done
Sometimes I find it hard to wash clothes with the little guy sleeping, so I do most of it while he is awake. This allows me to have an extra set of hands. Sebastian loves loading up the washer and dryer, and there are times when he wants to push the laundry basket to and from the laundry room. So do not be afraid to call your child over when you are putting in a load. This will help take the load off your shoulders 😉

4. Feeding Your Pet
Sebastian loves giving Rocky a treat — or two — and it is nice to see them interact. At night, we always give Rocky a cookie. This has slowly become Sebastian’s last task for the day, since he enjoys doing it so much. By showing them the importance of caring for your pet, you are not only teaching them responsibility but also showing them your pet has needs that must be met.

Are there any chores you have your child help out with? Comment below!

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  1. That's such a great way to divide house chores. It's so important to teach your child the value of teamwork. And it helps that it takes off some of the load on mom 🙂 Hope all is well with you, Julie 🙂

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