Making His House Our Home


You’ve heard the expression that a man’s house is his den. But what happens when the lioness moves in?

I had a hard time adjusting to a new place and calling it my own. Each room has a theme. Mainly the colors of his favorite teams — San Fran 49ers in the basement and NY Yankees in the bedroom. These were the two rooms he spent the most time in. He said it best, “I would only come home to sleep.”

To help make the transition, I began to pick up little items for the house. I started off with food shopping. Jeff hates going food shopping, so when I moved in, I gladly took it on.

With time it went from little things to adding details into every room:
I like fluffy pillows, so I bought a few;
I like to keep warm, so I bought a microfiber fleece;
I like fruits, so I stack up the fridge; and
I like entertaining guests, so I buy/make treats.

The list goes on.

A good friend, and godmother to my son, noticed the change in me when I started saying “our house” instead of “the/his house” whenever we’d speak. She said, “See, you’re finally getting comfortable.” 🙂

It’s amazing how everything was so different a year ago. But I wouldn’t trade this wonderful change for anything. I love every moment of it.

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  1. Great post! This is so sweet.

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