Making The Most Of Christmas Without Snow

Our First Christmas Tree as a family
Holidays are tough, especially when you do not have your family around. 

All my life I have associated Christmas with the winter season, and after moving to South Florida, this coming holiday won’t be the same as others.

For starters, I will be home with my little family and won’t be surrounded by my family back in North Jersey. Although our home has winter décor, stepping outside won’t be the same. Without snow, or much of a drop in temperature, it feels as though we are being cheated of a beautiful season. I have been craving hot chocolate, but it doesn’t feel right. Jeff says he can crank up the A/C so it can feel as if we’re back up North. Hilarious, no?

Sucking It Up And Celebrating Life
I have come to realize that we may never have the same winters here in Florida, but we have family time – isn’t that what really counts?

They say holidays are the toughest times for families that are apart, and I have to agree. I love being able to spend more time with my boys, but I do miss my family and friends back North. I’m glad my boys keep me smiling during this tough time of the year.

Whenever I feel down I remind myself of the following things:
1. There are worse things in this life that I could be feeling, and at least the people I love are a phone call away.
2. Jeff and I are in the same boat because he also left behind family and friends.
3. Life is really what you make it. If I don’t like something I cannot change, I will have to change how I feel about it instead.
4. Love is really all you need, and I have plenty of it in my life – near and far.
5. Treasure the moments. They don’t last forever.

For other families dealing with change this winter, I highly recommend you try something new, something that makes you smile. You have one life to live, and if you really want to make the most of it, you will need to go after whatever it is that keeps you happy.

How do you deal with holiday blues? 

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