They Will Always Be Mama’s Boys

brotherly love

Some nights I just stare at our boys as they sleep side by side next to me. They’re mama’s boys, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

A long day followed by a sleepless night is never fun. It wasn’t the first time this has happened to me, but it was the first time I made sense out of the madness I had been going through.

As a full-time mom and blogger, I have to sit myself down sometimes and try to make sense out of what matters most to me. Many of the other moms who have started a blog as well said it’s been their outlet. A way to add a little “me time” in their day. Let’s be honest, as exciting as a blog may be, it also includes having to maintain it. If you turn it into a form of income, then you’ll be working during your “me time” as well.

That’s when I realized something. Regardless of how many things I throw on my plate, I need to remember one thing: my family comes first. I know I’ve said this to myself a thousand times in one month, but lately, I’ve been able to put it into practice.

Working from home doesn’t mean you shut the door and say, “Mom’s busy” whenever your family needs something. It’s like that meme when a parent goes to the bathroom and there’s a little hand reaching beneath the cracks. It really does happen, and you learn to just breathe in and out because if not, you’ll go insane.

A Kiss Solves Everything
After a 12-hour shift, Jeff arrives like a knight in shining armor — well, in slacks and a tie — and kisses me as soon as he gets to walk into our home.

Of course, the kids have already tackled him because they missed him all day. I may not be as enthusiastic as our pup when Jeff walks in through the door, but I’m excited to have relief. No more talking to the baby and trying to answer 101 questions from our three-year-old son.

It’s not just Jeff who has the kissing power. I have it, too.

After spending all day kissing boo-boos, I’m exhausted from making sure our eldest understands that running around without a care in the world will eventually cause you to get hurt. No matter how much something hurts, if I kiss his elbow, he smiles and is off to play.

I know it won’t always be this easy, but I know in my heart that things will fall into place. We’re doing the best we can with the resources we’ve been given, and the lessons we’ve learned from our own experiences.

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  1. I am a mom of two boys, 9 and 2. Their daddy works 14 hours days right now. He doesn’t get home until 2 to 3 am. He comes home with all three of us passed out in our bed. Of course, we put them in their bed, so we can sleep comfortably (two adults and two kids in a queen size bed is almost impossible). But I wouldn’t trade that couple of hours of them sleeping peacefully next to me. They drive me insane and I feel like I could tie them up sometimes (LOL), but I wouldn’t trade this life for nothing. 🙂

    1. I know EXACTLY what you mean. I go through a lot of the stress sometimes. It’s like there’s a contest on driving mama mad. They both win each time.

  2. It really is a constant struggle to juggle everything! We need self-care, but the kids also need so much and then juggling work and the blog… luckily there is lots of time in each day as long as we schedule it out properly!! 🙂

    1. I hear ya. There are 24 hours in a day, we can get to everything… even if it takes us a week to do it. 😉

  3. I’m a mama of 2 boys(and 2 girls) although they are now 13 & 17 I do remember when only mama could fix it and how it felt as if my “magic” would never fade. Now it’s all about trying to keep up well w/my oldest as he’s about to start College and although sees this whole new world in front and feels as he can take over the world he knows all he has to do is turn around and I (and his dad) will be there just in case and I’ll be more then happy to sit and if need give a hug cause even at that age even if they don’t want it .. I still give it… Cause in my eyes they will forever be my little boys.

    1. Aww. That’s so sweet, Ellie. I don’t even want to think of any of them heading to college. I’m not ready for them to be off to kindergarten. :/

  4. Totally get it. I love my boys. Family comes first. Sometimes it just has to be reinforced, which writing does for us, right? Without it we wouldn’t have these epiphanies.

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