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Dating someone in the car business is a lot different than being married to them.

When you’re just dating, you don’t mind hanging out during a weeknight, or going out on a Sunday afternoon because it’s practically the only day when your significant other can dedicate to you. 

Once you’re married to them or simply living with them, you realize work really does take a toll on their everyday life. And forget it if you’ve created a family together. You don’t have family days on Saturdays like most people. 
But you learn to balance everything. 

If your significant other is off twice in one week, consider yourself very lucky. When we lived in NJ, Jeff was off every Sunday, and those were our family days. He was also off on Thursdays, which were his days to run errands. 

Because Jeff would be at work all day on Saturdays I’d use them as personal days to run whatever errands he couldn’t do during the week. But it was tough since most people — including Jeff’s family — are off on Saturdays. 

Quality Family Time

Living in South Florida really changed things for us as a family. Because I’m home with the kids, we depend on one schedule, Jeff’s work schedule. Back in North Jersey, we had two work schedules and were always too exhausted to do anything on a Sunday besides visit family and friends. 

Today, we use Jeff’s days off to focus on family. From beaches to local parks, there really isn’t a limit to the places we’d go. 

Now with our South Florida Adventure passes, we’re planning to explore one of the seven attractions each month this summer as a family. We’ve already visited Jungle Island and I stopped by with the boys to Young At Art Museum this weekend.

The weather here really makes you appreciate the moments. And after spending more than two years living in South Florida, we’ve fallen in love. I recently highlighted several reasons in a post as to why we love it here. 

Even when Jeff can’t join us on an adventure, I try to make the best out of the time I have with the boys. I will admit that some trips have caused me to question my sanity and has me wondering how a single parent has the patience to deal with all of the toddler drama on their own. 

The truth is, their smiles and tired little faces are worth it. 

Dating someone in the car business? Here are three tips on how you can make it work:
1. Keep yourself busy.
Picking up a hobby is so important because it helps keep you sane.

2. Always communicate. 
Take time on a daily basis just to discuss everyday life 

3. Plan ahead. 
Your significant other works long hours, so they might not be thinking about tomorrow or even next week. Plan outings together, but be sure to schedule in a late morning. Sleep is very important when you work 50+ hours a week. 

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