Meet Milton: A Picky Eater’s Companion


This post is sponsored by Meals With Milton but the content and opinion expressed are my own. 

Trying to get your little one to eat a decent meal can be tough when you’re always on the go between errands and everyday life. If you have a picky eater, then you’re really in for a treat.

I discovered Milton while scrolling through my Instagram feed. One of the moms I follow on Instagram had found relief by giving her child a mealtime companion. Her child was actually eating his meal and smiling. That sealed the deal for me to want to learn more about Milton.

During the summer, we had one of my nieces come to visit. She’s now two and doesn’t like being told to eat so she pretty much eats whenever she feels like it. 

I remember this stage. Our firstborn was a lot like her at that age. Eating was the last thing on his mind when his molars were coming in. All he wanted was liquids.

We didn’t have Milton back then, but we were glad to have him for my niece. She fed him just about everything she could fit in his mouth — during meals and in between them. Milton has eaten a rainbow of fruits and has been colored with crayons as well.

Thankfully, Milton enjoys bath time.
Milton Mealtime Companion

Milton comes with a book that’s perfect for bedtime and reading to your child during the day. Our three-year-old son really likes being able to hold Milton as he hears about Milton’s mealtime adventures.

Here’s Milton being fed by my niece:

image7 (1)

These days, Milton is enjoying his last days in South Florida and getting ready to head to North Jersey to be reunited with my niece.


Milton is a mealtime companion with many functions. Some parents have used Milton to encourage their little ones to use a utensil while eating. Others have relied on Milton to assist their child with brushing their teeth. You can learn more about Milton and how he can help with your family’s needs over on Instagram.

If you’re looking to grab Milton for someone you love, feel free to use my 10% off discount code: “mtme10” at checkout.

Be sure to follow the #mealswithMilton hashtag on social media to see how other parents are making use of their new friend. 


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