Feb 172014

Millennial Parents



You’ve seen them with their little ones roaming around. They’re young and full of life… and I’m not talking about the baby. 

In a recent designtaxi post, writer Loke Shi Ying highlights key factors among millennial parents in the form of an infographic. I could not help but smile at how accurate this is.

Millennial parents who were once into the latest gadgets are shifting from following technology trends to finding the best sales at… errr Target? According to the infographic, “price and practicality trump style for new parents.” In fact, prior to becoming parents, millennials were followers of 4 major brands: Nike, Sony, Gap and Apple. Fastforward to parenthood, they’re still interested in Nike, but have taken on more home/family-oriented brands such as Target, Old Navy and Walmart.

One interesting, but less shocking, stat is how millennial parents are less likely to tie the knot. Could this have something to do with the fact that they are less concerned with image? I would think so. As noted in the infographic, 24% of millennials said they aren’t concerned with labels. Also, when it comes to parental advice, most are conducting their own research online.


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