Mini-Mommy Vacations Are A Must

Mom needs a vacation

Taking a step back from your daily routine is important for your mental health. We have all experienced the feeling of wanting to take a couple of minutes to ourselves.

I know because I do this often. 

A mini-mommy vacation does not mean you hop on the next plane to a private island — unless you can afford to do so. It means you take a break from caring for your child and care for yourself. This is the time to do whatever it is your heart desires. For some, it means an extra five minutes in the shower, while for others it is simply just taking a walk around the block.

One of my favorite mom bloggers shared her experience on taking a mini-mommy vacation, and it was fabulous! It was nice to see photos of her less stressed, and most importantly, smiling.

To keep sane, I take time for myself often. Usually, it is an extra five minutes in the shower. Sometimes I eat lunch while the little one takes his late-morning nap, but most of the time I am tidying up, reading or planning future posts and connecting with family and friends.

I have been getting more involved in the local blogging community by attending events and connecting with Bloggin’ Mamas on social sites. These connections have been so important to my mental health, as I start my circle of friends in a new state. Attending their events with Sebastian have been a breather. We both get to enjoy time out with a group of like-minded moms. 🙂

What do you do on your mini-mommy vacation?

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