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Mommy Refresh: How POND’S Cleansing Towelettes Can Really Help

I became a mother after the birth of my son in 2013. This month, Jeff and I welcomed our second child into the world. And as beautiful as becoming a mother may be, there are scary points in your life where you start to question whether or not you’re still the same person. 
Oftentimes, becoming a mother means placing others before you, and for some women this means their personal hygiene may go out the window. 
When my first son was born, I remember having certain times of the day when I would bathe. Of course my son was bathed and dressed first thing in the morning, but ismelled like I hadn’t showered in two days, thanks to the hormones my body would secrete. 
It was terrible when family would come over. And finding the right deodorant was a challenge. You can read all about it in a previous post. 
How You Can #SeeForYourself 
If you sweat in certain areas throughout the day or have large breasts, I recommend carrying cleansing towelettes with you at all times. You just never know where the day might take you, and if you’re a new mom, you’ll be glad you have them handy.
Interested? I challenge you to skip your morning shower and head over to Target, pick up either a pack of 30 towelettes for $4.69 or a travel size for only $1.00, and use them for a quick cleanse. 
I did this after arriving from the hospital during one busy morning and I couldn’t believe how refreshing it felt. Almost the equivalent of a shower — and I love showering at least two or three times a day to keep fresh. So happy to be able to have the POND’S Cleansing Towelettes handy for mornings when I just have to get up and get the day going. 
How do you do a mommy refresh? 

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