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The Real Estate Mompreneur

Being able to spend time with family is top of mind for most first-time mothers. While expecting her second child, Ariana Monique Almonte, playfully known as The Real Estate Mompreneur, works hard to get her businesses off the ground. In today’s MomViews segment, Ariana shares her journey in becoming a mompreneur as well as tips for other moms looking to do the same.

MomViews: You are a realtor and you were recently crowned as Ms. Florida Beautiful. All this while raising a family. How do you do it?

Ariana Monique Almonte: Lol, I’m not always as busy as it may sound or seem. My family always comes first and it also really helps that I have a great support system behind me. I always try to schedule or know of things in advanced so if I have an event or an appearance to attend or properties to show, I already know my son will be in good hands while I take care of business.

MV:What inspires you to work on becoming a mompreneur?

AMA: My Family inspires me to work on becoming a Mompreneur. My 2 year old son and soon-to-be daughter inspire me to become more involved with the “Mommy World” by wanting to connect with other Young Moms who share similar interests and build new genuine friendships. My boyfriend also inspires me to work on becoming a Mompreneur by motivating and encouraging me to find my passion and build a business for myself. Because of them, I want to be my own boss so I can make my own rules, my own hours and have the ability to spend all the time I want and whenever I want with my family.

MV: Several mompreneurs have stated one of the keys to their success has been support from their family and friends. What role does your family and friends play in your journey?

AMA: Yes, I must agree 100%! Without my family supporting me, I have no idea what I would do or where I would be. They play the biggest role ever in a Mompreneur’s life. Not only are they my biggest fans and supporters but they are also my babysitters as well lol.

MV: What are your goals for the next 6 months?

AMA: Since I am currently pregnant with my second child, I consider this as my “downtime.” Therefore, my goals for the next 6 months are to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy and the birth of my daughter due in January. However, in the meantime while I patiently await her arrival, I will be networking to build clientele for my Real Estate and Home Cleaning businesses for when I’m ready to return to the field full force. I will also be working on my personal brand, The Real Estate Mompreneur, as well as rebranding my Mom’s Networking group, The Real MILFs (Momma Is Looking Fierce). And last but not least, I will be mapping out my next business venture as a Wedding & Event Stylist. It may sound like a lot, especially for an expecting Mom with a toddler, but I’m slowly taking things one day, one idea and one project at a time.

MV: If you could offer a mom looking to start her own business a few words of advice, what would they be?

AMA: A few words of advice for a Mom looking to start her own business would be;
Find your passion. If it’s something you love to do, then it won’t feel like work.
Believe in yourself. You are your number one fan, biggest motivator and greatest supporter.
Never Give Up. Don’t ever think this will be an overnight success. It will take lots of time, dedication, hard work, trials and errors, going back to the drawing board and doing things over and over again. It is a very long learning process.
– Always remember, you must invest in yourself before others invest in you. I am still going through it but I know that it will be very well worth it at the end and leave me feeling like I just conquered the world.

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