MomViews: Experiencing Childbirth After Your 20’s

MomViews Motherhood Through My Eyesshugar, shugar loveFinding the Mr. Right takes time. In between heartaches and headaches you find yourself wondering if there really is such thing as the perfect mate. The truth is, sometimes you find this person a little late in life. Proving that all you really need is love, Carmen ShuGar, blogger at ShuGar Love and creator of the #AllYouNeedIsLoveProject, recently married her soulmate and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Camden. Today, she is joining me to share her insights on being a mother in her mid-30’s.

MomViews: Congrats on the birth of your son, Camden! He’s adorable. Your blog discusses the love you and your husband share for the Beatles, life and love in general, how has Camden inspired your recent posts? 

Carmen ShuGar: Camden has redefined my concept of love. Since I blog about love, there has been no greater gift than having little Camdie symbolize this greatest of feelings. When I look at him, it’s as if I am gushing with so much love for him I can’t help but shower him with my kisses. He just solidifies my belief (and that of The Beatles) that All You Need is Love. What else is there?

MV: In what ways has your life changed since Camden’s birth? 


CS:  For one, I barely have time to answer this email. Just barely. Free time is a premium these days and that includes sleep. However, none of those things truly matter. I feel like my life has been given a new meaning, a deeper purpose. All I want to do is be the best person for my little man. He has showed me that family is what matters most in life.

MV: As a first time mother, what went through your mind when you found out this was it, you were going into labor? 

CS: I was mortified when I found out. I do not deal well with pain and anything related to medical procedures. I have freak attacks. I was really terrified of the unknown since I was getting advice from everyone under the sun, but ,ultimately, my experience is like no one else’s. I was very scared. I also felt such excitement to know that soon I would meet my dancing baby. I had waited so very long and the time finally came for me to give him a huge kiss.

MV: What do you like most about being a mother so far? 

CS: The love I can share with him. I enjoy our early morning feeding when he and I get to watch the sun rise. I love to feel his skin pressed again mine. I enjoy trying to decipher his grunts and moans. It’s a nice feeling to know I am adored by a little boy. Motherhood has demonstrated how blessed I truly am.

MV: What advice would you give a first-time mother in her late 20’s? 

CS: Since I am in my mid-30’s, I feel this has been the best time to become a parent because I spent my whole 20’s just being selfish. I traveled, dated, shopped, and did anything I wanted for me. For someone in their late 20’s, I would tell them to be prepared to give everything of you to this baby. At least for the time being, your life will be put on hold as you care and love this child. Keep that in mind when you decide you want to have a child. Also, remember that you are also valuable and do not lose yourself in motherhood. You existed before the baby and you still do post-baby. Loving and caring for yourself will be the greatest gift you can give to your new baby.

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Tune in next week for insights on how one mother raises three princesses while still reigning as queen of the household.

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