MomViews: How Mommy Stays Fresh

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mommieknowsfreshBecoming a mother does not mean you lose yourself. Although some moms lose their “cool” it does not mean we all do. I recently had the chance to chat with Caprece of MommieKnowsFresh on how moms can stay hip while caring for their little one.

MomViews: I love reading parenting blogs that keep things casual and funny, and your posts are always fun to read. How do you manage to stay fresh while raising your little girl?

Caprece: Thank You! I try not to take myself too serious, and I’ve incorporated that philosophy into my parenting style. There are two things I love to do; Laugh and Write, thankfully as a parent I’m never out of material.

MV: There are so many things parents can learn from their children, and you do a great job in sharing these lessons on your blog. Is there a recent one that really stands out in your mind?

C: Be Silly! Sometimes my schedule can get pretty hectic, but my daughter reminds me to spend a little time each day being silly. Playtime on the floor every day is good for the mommy soul.

MV: Is there anyone in your life that has inspired you to be the woman you are today? Briefly explain who and how they’ve been a positive light in your life.

C: My mother is a constant inspiration; she’s always stressed the importance of family. No matter what was going on in our lives she always made time for us to have fun.

MV: What is your favorite memory of this person?

C: She’ll kill me for this, but my mom has always been very petite so to poke fun at family gatherings she would put two balloons in her butt and two in her shirt to make her look “voluptuous”. She’d be dancing up a storm and I’d be in tears, she’s always been really fun. Life is about balance, she was our Mom when we needed it, but also our joy when we needed it too.

MV: What advice would you give a mother doesn’t see the “fun” in motherhood?

C: As a mom you do what works best for you, but the joy in having children is that you get to experience childhood all over again through the eyes of this tiny person who fills you with love. If that doesn’t make you smile I don’t know what will.

Thanks for joining me this week. Stop by next Wednesday for insights on how one stay-at-home mom keeps sane. Also, don’t forget to check out tomorrow’s post for a continuation of the #AllYouNeedisLoveProject.

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