MomViews: How To Put The Mommy Bun & Yoga Pants Aside

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Inspiration is everywhere, and every day is a new opportunity to try something new. For SkinnyShirt Founder, Julie Kalimian, it is all about making everyday life a lot easier for women in the corporate world and stay-at-home moms that want to look their best without the sweats. In this segment of MomViews, Kalimian shares her tips on how moms can trade in the T-shirts and try something that not only looks great, but is comfortable as well.

MomViews: As a stay-at-home mom, dressing up seems like a thing of the past. Yoga pants and T-shirts are my go-to outfits. The only thing I seem to vary is whether I want to wear flip flops or sneakers.What inspires you to wake up and fight the urge to throw on those comfortable yoga pants?

Julie Kalimian: It is SO easy to wear exercise clothes all day — let’s all admit we may not have even exercised at all that day. I found that when I put on a “real” outfit I feel better. And, other people seem to notice too. It does not even take more effort– especially when you have some easy go to outfits that look pulled together and fresh. Of course, most of mine do include a SkinnyShirt : -)

MV: Confidence is important for moms, especially at a time when mothers are constantly being judged based on their parentings styles, etc. I am a strong believer that how you look reflects on how you feel. What are your thoughts on being confident as a mom?

JK: I could not agree with you more. It is so easy to doubt ourselves as moms. It is not like we are in the corporate world getting performance reviews — we are navigating it on our own with kids who can be cranky and other moms who can be judg-ey. Somehow when we take the lead to dress like we have somewhere important to be (even if it is the supermarket) we stand a bit taller and feel a bit better and more confident.

MV: You are a mother of four and working on building your brand. I can imagine the sleepless nights and tired mornings. How was it like before you launched your product?

JK: I worked for many years before having kids. I knew I really wanted to work again, but I also wanted to fit it into my schedule as a stay-at-home mom. I would remember days making calls from my car in the pre-school parking lot feeling like a bit of an impostor trying to pretend I was calling from an office. But, the more I tried to pretend I was in a real office the more I realized I probably logged more working hours than people going to a 9-5 job. I would be up working at night or early in the morning. At some point I realized it was okay to do both and not feel like I should be working harder on my business or doing more with my kids. Some days the work gets more attention and some days the kids do. I read somewhere that entrepreneurs work 80 hours so they do not have to work 40. I am working long hours because I have four young kids so why not try and squeeze in a biz too 🙂

MV: According to your bio, you were dating a really great guy who is now your husband and the father of your children. How has he shown his support for your SkinnyShirt idea?

JK: To be honest he is not that interested in my business. That does not mean that he is less of a great guy. I started SkinnyShirt for myself. Every day I learn new skills as I work on my business. Those acquired skills make me feel more confident and stronger. I know they make me a better mother and maybe a better wife.

MV: What advice would you offer a mom looking to trade in her “mommy attire” for a more presentable look?

JK: Do it. When you walk out of the house after you have made an effort to take pride in your appearance it shows. As you progress through your day I promise you will get comments and compliments on the effort you have made. Who does not like a good “wow. you look great” comment?

The effort does not need to be big. Pick a pair of jeans, cute top and boots. Find one or two go to outfits that do not take a lot of effort and are comfortable. For me, if I know what I am going to wear when I get up it makes the morning a lot easier. Of course, the best accessory is always a smile.

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