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Carmen Milian MomViews
To understand the struggles of someone’s everyday life, sometimes you have to put yourself in their shoes. In this MomViews segment, Carmen Milian, “momager” of Christina Milian and co-star of Christina Milian Turned Up on E!, shares her thoughts on how she has been able to successfully juggle both family and business. 

MomViews: It seems as though everywhere you turn there is a mom building her own empire, but you have been doing this for years. Juggling a family and your businesses — talent manager and consultant for your daughters, business partner for a couple of companies, and grandmother to three beautiful grandchildren. You make success look easy. Were there any bumps along the road you would like to discuss?

Carmen Milian: It definitely has not been easy for me what-so-ever. I still face some bumps in my day to day work as a mother/manager. I’ve had to work hard at getting people to treat me with mutual respect and have had to play bad cop to make sure my kids got what they deserved. I’ve had to learn a balance between being aggressive during negotiations to being that loving mom that wants to see everyone happy. Just don’t get it twisted….please don’t confuse my kindness with weakness.

MV: People say “mother knows best,” and Christina’s career is living proof. Now with your focus on Danielle and Lizzy, is there anything you would like to do differently this time around?

CM: This time around is different already because my other two daughters are full grown adults so I don’t have to be there to watch over them like I did with Christina. My job is a little easier this time plus all the mistakes I did in the past I learned from them and I don’t plan on repeating them.

MV: Working with family can be tough, and now with your show, E! viewers can really see what it is like to be in your shoes. What keeps you sane?

CM: I’m more spiritual lately so I try to practice being a little more calm and collective. I pray a lot and I try to meditate to calm down my anxieties. I work a lot so lately I’ve been turning my phone off on Sunday’s and making it a day for church, family, and rest. It really helps me regenerate.

MV: As a woman of many roles, it seems as though you are never too busy for your family. In what ways have your daughters helped you become the person you are today?

CM: Everything I do, I do for my children. They always have been and will continue to be my priority. I think that the difficult situation of divorce forced me to take on the role of mother and father to my kids. Even though I hated being the bad cop all the time, I got to admit that like any loving and caring mom when you are faced with difficult times you work your butt off to try to care and give to your family. 

MV: Are there any tips you would like to share with moms who have a family business and are trying to find the right balance between being a mother and focusing on their business goals?

CM: Yes, I advise you to stop working during dinner time and during breakfast. Eat at a table and talk to your kids with no tv or phone distraction. Focus on good some good conversations and ask them what they did that day. Simply focus on them and make them your priority. Try not to miss important school events or sports activities so they never feel ignored or that they come second to your job.

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Christina Milian Turned Up MomViews

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