MomViews: Keeping It All Under Control

MomViews Motherhood Through My EyesCarrie Pink, Carriepink.comThe title of full-time mother isn’t enough for some women. In fact, these moms love to keep busy. One of these restless moms is the fashion and financial stylist roaming the streets of NYC Carrie Pink. Whether it’s chasing the little ones around or chasing her dream, this mother of four keeps it all under control.

MomViews: Four children, a loving husband and a wonderful support system from friends and family. And it helps that you have a great wardrobe, how do you do it?

Carrie Pink: 
How do I do it? Ha! By the skin of my teeth. Hence why I always say I’m holding it all together by duct tape. It’s stronger than a thread but still not impossible to all fall apart, but I think mindset plays the largest role in what you can accomplish. I do a lot because I believe I can, I’m an uber optimist and look for the bright side in everything. It’s very rare that I label myself stressed. I allow myself to be human because as much as I do there is still a ton I don’t get to do. I outsource as much as I can too, laundry is a time guzzler I just refuse to do. When it comes to style it’s just in my blood, my grandmother was the flyest thing moving and she was the biggest influence in my life. Looking good is important to me, however trust me there are times I miss the mark. I just don’t post to IG those days LOL

MV: You’ve revamped your website, and it looks amazing! How has your site helped women achieve success in everyday life, whether it’s through their lifestyle or sense of style?

Thank you so much! You know just wants to deliver solutions to everyday dilemmas. We want to help women get things done simply, smarter and faster so they can spend their time where it matters most, with their family or pursuing their dream and if they need help on quality things to do with their kids or resources to kickstart their business hey we help with that too! We’re a one stop shop for all types of information. Providing financial information in particular  is an absolute passion of mine. When I realized that my closet was a sneak peek into my spending habits, and my emotional relationship with money I got excited about how many other women I could help see their financial situation through the gateway of their closets too!  Can’t wait to launch my signature program Personal Cents of Style it’s going to give ladies 5 steps the can use to get control over their finances and it’s the exact strategy one would also use to organize their closets. It will provide a more practical alignment between women’s Fashion and Financial life.

MV: What role does your husband play in all this madness? Is he also wrapped around the duct tape as well, or is he helping you hold it together?

My husband is the #1 reason I can do so much. He is so supportive and has no problem really taking the reigns at home so that I can go and be all of these things, but sometimes yes I have to wrap him in the duct tape too lol.

MV: What do you like best about being “Carrie Pink”?

Hmmm her fireeeee! Quitting is not an option. Can’t doesn’t exist. When the match on my fire is lit that’s it I’m 0-60 in record time and maintain that level until I accomplish the goal.

MV: What advice would you give a mother who is struggling to be the best at everything, albeit mother, wife and worker?

CP:  I would tell her not to be too hard on herself. Whatever I don’t get done today I roll over to tomorrow.
It’s very rare that I beat myself up. Also best is a subjective term. She just needs to figure out how she defines best for herself and live up to that every single day. I don’t allow anyone else’s definitions to define me. I set the parameters for my own life then expand and contract them as necessary. Some weeks are better than others, and I accept that and am ok with it, until the next chance I have to improve!

Join me next week for insights from one of my favorite mommies on being a first-time mother in your late 20’s+. 

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