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mommy blog, motherhood, motherhood through my eyesa conquered mess, alma lopezRaising little boys can be a handful at times, just ask Alma Lopez, fitness coach and blogger at A Conquered Mess. With two energetic boys, things at the Lopez household can get pretty interesting. For this week’s MomViews segment, I had the chance to chat with Alma about her parenting style and how she likes to keep things simple when raising her men.

MomViews: Your blog is all about keeping life simple, and I love that. What’s your secret to being able to accomplish this?

Alma Lopez: I had to learn to just let go. Handling a home with one very calm firstborn was one thing but handling a home with a school aged child, a fearlessly active 1 year old who loves to climb kitchen counters is totally different. I’ve learned that you either let go of the least important tasks or you go insane. I chose option 1. Streamlining routines, getting rid of excess stuff, and looking for ways to simplify tasks helps a lot too.

MV: Life must be interesting for you. You’re surrounded by men! How do you manage a home with so much testosterone? AL: There’s definitely challenges. From nearly falling into the toilet ’cause someone left the lid up to constantly cooking or making snacks for the random appetite they’ve got, it’s a good amount of work. But it’s also rewarding to be the only female when I’m surrounded by gentlemen because they all spoil me. Even the tiny ones!MV: Your husband is an oilfield worker. What’s it like being home alone for X amount of days? 

AL: Scary, stressful, lonely… But mostly crazy. It’s a roller coaster of emotions, but you learn to deal with it. Watching him leave is something I’ll never get used to, but seeing him coming home just gets sweeter every time. It’s a rough life, and sometimes not fun at all, but we manage. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right?!

MV: What do you like most about being a mother to two energetic boys?

AL: They’re so FUN! I’m a fitness fanatic so getting my 7 year old to go running with me, is truly an awesome feeling. We all workout as a family, even my little 1 year old does squats and push-ups, it’s the cutest thing to see. Keeping up with them is a blast! 

MV: What advice would you give a mother who thinks they don’t have enough to provide a home for their children?

AL: Honestly, I don’t believe in having enough. I’ve learned that the more you have, the more you want. The best way to end the cycle is to just be happy with what you have right now. It may sound tired and cliche but home really IS where you make it. Realistically, no one needs a mansion to be happy, specially not kids. They need love and affection, and if you can provide that, you’re already giving them a home. 

Thanks for joining me this week. Stop by next week for insights on how one mother feels about living with her boyfriend’s family. Also, don’t forget to check out tomorrow’s post for a continuation of the #AllYouNeedisLoveProject.

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