MomViews: Keeping The Kids Active During The Holidays


Winter break will be here sooner than you can ever imagine. While most parents are out getting a head start on their holiday shopping list, there’s something that needs to be top of mind: what to do with the kids when they’re home. Nikki G. is a mom from Beverly Hills, CA who uses Everly, a tech-enabled platform that offers one-on-one tutoring for K-12 students. In this MomViews segment, Nikki shares her experience with planning for winter break with her kids.

MomViews: Holiday season can get overwhelming. There are so many things to plan and prep for that the last thing you have in mind is what you’ll be doing to entertain the kids while they’re on vacation for the holidays. How do you manage to keep your kids busy?

Nikki G: We always have our favorite Everly tutor continue on their regular schedule with the kids. This is a good way to keep the brain active and keep them busy!

MV: Making time for family trips to local attractions during the holidays sound better in theory than in practice. Museums are always fun! Are there any local attractions your kids like to visit?

NG: Going to places that are easy on your bank account are always a huge plus! Movies, indoor trampoline parks, laser tag and the beach are always fun. Also, getting outside of your local community and exploring new communities and new cultures.

MV: Do you ever include your kids in the holiday planning process?

NG: Yes — The best way to keep kids engaged over the holiday season is to get their input. I make sure to get their opinion and invite them to make suggestions when planning fun excursions. I may not agree with everything on their list, but a least they feel like their voice is heard.

MV: What are some of your favorite family holiday traditions?

NG: Decorating the house and tree, and having my kids help cook holiday dinner.

MV: Are there any tips you’d like to offer parents looking to plan ahead for this holiday season with the kids?

NG: Planning ahead is always a good idea. Just because your kids are out of school doesn’t mean they shouldn’t continue to study. We plan with our Everly tutor to come and work with the kids a few times over the holidays. The tutor makes the sessions more fun so it doesn’t seem like their traditional tutoring lesson. There are also a ton of ideas in your local paper and magazines that highlight local events. You can also visit your library or community center.

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