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thingstajasaysYour life doesn’t stop when you become a mother, and it’s important to keep yourself busy doing the things you love. In today’s MomViews segment, I share insights from Taja Henson of Things Taja Says, a full-time mother and a part-time seamstress.

MomViews: As a mother of two and a part-time seamstress, how do you find time for both?

Taja Henson: Time management!  I do a lot of my work while they’re at school. One reason being that phone conversations & meetings tend to go a little smoother when kids aren’t in the background arguing over toys. I make a priority to reserve Friday’s for movie dates with my children. During the week we do homework,  cook and eat as a family , so if I am stuck to my desk for the rest of the night I don’t feel guilty.  I am truly lucky to have understanding children that know that I don’t work like other mommies. They tend to give me my space when needed to work.

MV: I love that you can always find fruit snacks in your purse… that’s one of my weaknesses.It’s tough to keep away from this sugary snack! Do you have any weaknesses that hold you back from accomplishing a goal?

TH: I tend to over work! I like to get certain things done while I’m thinking about it I don’t like to wait. I know that if I wait it won’t get done and the task will stay on mind until I do it. This sometimes turns into hours of work, which can include sitting at my desk way passed the recommended time for sitting in front of a computer or sewing machine. So when I finally crash, I crash hard! Total full on stress and exhaustion which puts me out of work and a lot further away from my goal.

MV: You mention your best friend on your website, in what ways has he been supportive with your passion? 

TH: Not too many guys our age (25) would be so understanding with his better half building a business in this economy. When times get hard he picks up the slack for our family. At times it comes down to me paying a bill or buying new business materials.  He recommends buying the materials to build the business. He forces me to relax, even when I don’t want to. Days when I want to stay in bed or when I have been up all night working he’ll take the extra time on the way to work to take the kids to school.

MV: What do you like most about being a seamstress?

TH: The thing I like most would have to be the people. It’s the highlight of my day. I love the fact that I can give back to my community with my unique talent and teach people how to sew.

MV: What advice would you give someone who says they don’t have time to focus on their passion?

TH: You do have the time, it’s doable. If you wake up thinking about your passion and go to sleep thinking about your passion, you will find the time. Excuses are road blocks for the weary. You never know what you can do until you take the leap.

Thanks for joining me this week. Tune in next time for insights on how one mom gets creative with thrift store finds. Also, don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for a continuation of the #AllYouNeedIsLoveProject.

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