MomViews: Making The Most Of Where You Live

mommy blog, motherhood, motherhood through my eyesJust You And Me KidFor most moms, it is not about literally giving their child the world, it is about showing them the world around them. In today’s MomViews segment, Brandy Martin, blogger at Just Me And You, Kid!, shares how she comes up with simple local adventures to explore with her son.

MomViews: Living in the San Francisco area must be interesting for you and your son. Always something new to try! How do you find these awesome places to write about on your blog?

Brandy Martin: We often don’t appreciate what is around us. Having grown up in the San Francisco Bay Area, I often found myself out of ideas when it came to thinking of something to do. But for my son, the whole world is new and everything is a unique experience. Having a child has really opened my eyes and allowed me to find entertainment in the simplest activities.

I search Yelp reviews to find the best parks, or the best candy store in each city. I find new parks and beaches on Google Maps. I asked other parents at work for activity recommendations.

MV What do you like best about going on these adventures with your son?

BM: I love making memories with my son. And I believe that he
will remember these adventures far into his adult years. I remember catching a tad-pole in a small creek bed with my mother when I was four. The oldest part of everyone is the child, so if I make my son’s childhood interesting he will hold onto that forever.

MV: I noticed you share most of your trips on your blog, is there one that really
stood out that you’d like to share?

BM: My son and I love heading out to Santa Cruz. It’s just far enough to feel like a real vacation, but not far enough to make the trip expensive. We enjoy the boardwalk, and love to visit the local beaches.

MV: What type of adventures does your son really enjoy?

BM: My son enjoys the simple experiences. A trip to his favorite park or the beach. I find the more money he spends, the less he cares about the experience.

MV: What advice would you give a mother that would like to make more time for her child(ren) but doesn’t have the financial resources?

BM: Children are simple by nature. An adventure to them is an experience that engages their senses and activates their imagination. You don’t have to spend money to entertain a child. Visiting a new park, going to your local beach, setting up a tent in the front yard, or giving a tea party for your child are experiences that will be remembered and won’t hurt the pocket.

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