MomViews: Marriage After Starting A Family

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Juggling a career and a personal life can get a little crazy at times, just ask Tohni Jean, Creative Director of TohniStyle TV. Although she always dreamed of having a fabulous wedding, Tohni knew there were more important things in life. Meeting  her prince charming and starting a family while still keeping her foot in the corporate world was top of mind for Tohni. In this week’s MomViews segment, Tohni shares her experience with creating a family before saying “I Do.” 

MomViews: For most women, life is all about having a career, marrying their prince charming, and starting a family. But for you, things were a little different. What was it like walking down the aisle and seeing your boys?

Tohni Jean:
Seeing my boys all dressed up on our wedding day was like a fairytale. It was magical!

MV: Did anyone ever question whether or not you and Richard were ever going to get married after having your sons? 

Actually a few of my friends did, my dad asked Richard what his intentions with his daughter and after they spoke my dad was no longer concerned. My father said stay patient he is going to marry you.

MV: What is your favorite memory with your boys?
 TJ: Josh and Pax giving me hugs and kisses after school.

MV: How do you manage to take juggle your marriage, motherhood, and a career all at once? (I’ll link up to the article we’re working on) 

TJ: It can be challenging, but I make my family a priority and have a to-do list daily. I balance all by staying focus and limiting the time I am on the phone and online.

MV: What advice would you give a woman that is expecting her first child, but isn’t married to her boyfriend/fiance?

TJ: My Advice is your priorities should shift to the best mom you can and prepare your mind, body, and soul for the challenges of motherhood but never lose sight of your dreams and becoming a wife. It is the ultimate completion to a family’s bond.

Thanks for joining me this week. Stop by next Wednesday for more insights from moms like you. Also, don’t forget to check out last week’s post on how one mother has encourages her 12 children to live a healthy lifestyle.

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