MomViews: Being A Military Family


Raising a family with a spouse who’s in the military is tough. Sometimes you need to put plan family outings and vacations around their schedule. In this MomViews segment, Julie from Fab Working Mom Life shares her insights on what everyday life is like.

MomViews: Starting a family isn’t easy, and having your husband away much of the time can be tough. As a first-time mom, how have you been able to keep sane on days when it’s just you and your little one?

Julie S: I work full-time outside the home, and interestingly enough things are quieter and less chaotic when I’m at work haha. On weekends when it is just the toddler and me, it can get a little overwhelming. I try to involve him in little games and interact with him, but I’m also working on him developing independent play skills so I can catch up on my blogging work too. I’m rarely brave enough to take him to places and events on my own, though, so I try to team up with a friend before attempting parks or museums.

MV: You’re also a working mom. How do you find the balance between family, responsibilities and your hobbies, like blogging?

JS: I’m still working on that balance. I don’t get enough sleep for sure. HA! There’s little time during the day that I get to spend with my kiddo since I have a long commute and get home late. But I do try to simplify life where I can so I can focus on more important things. I recently started getting a house cleaner on occasion, so I don’t have to worry about a good deep clean myself. I get my groceries delivered, instead of having to fight my toddler in the store and spend all that time – shop online whenever possible! I can’t involve my child in my blogging directly, but indirectly we can do activities or go to events that I can then blog about later when he’s asleep.

MV: I’m pretty sure you and your little one miss your husband when he’s away. What’s your little one’s reaction as soon as daddy walks through those doors?

JS: We’re thankful that my husband is currently on active duty out of state, not out of the country, so we’re able to plan visits. We’ve been trying to work it out so we see each other once a month where possible when he can get a 4-day pass and fly home. So far when daddy walks in the door, my little one starts crying so hard and clinging to me. I know there are a lot of emotions a 20-month old can’t sort through just yet, and it takes him a few minutes to collect himself. Then the rest of the visit is great, and daddy and son spend some fun times together.

MV: What has been one of your favorite memories with your family?

JS: I love the days we spend together, just playing and enjoying our time. One of my favorite memories was right before my son’s first birthday. My parents were in town visiting, and we all went to dinner. On the way to dinner, we ended up playing in the town park area, letting the baby splash his hands in the fountain, taking pictures next to fun statues and decorations (it was right before Halloween, so everything was decorated). Simple fun memories like this are my favorite.

MV: What tips can you offer other military spouses who are looking to start their own family?

JS: As in all things, find your tribe. It doesn’t have to be a group of military spouses if you don’t live anywhere near a base or military community like us. Having a good friend or two you can lean on, and who can lean on you, is priceless. Mom life just can’t be in a bubble, so meeting other families in a similar journey timeline is wonderful. This way, you can bounce ideas off each other and find support from others going through the same parenting issues or who have recently tackled a problem you are facing.


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  1. Thanks for having me on Motherhood Through My Eyes today 🙂

  2. Julie is a wonderful blogging friend of mine, and I always look in awe at all that she is able to accomplish. It was so nice to hear more about her personal life and what she enjoys most. It must be so hard to see your son react to his daddy like that in the beginning, but completely understandable on his end. Spending time apart from spouses is no easy feat in keep connected!

  3. I’ve been following Julie’s journey for almost a year now, and I’m always in awe of how much she accomplishes. She’s such an amazing momma, blogger, and woman!

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