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A man is as strong as the support of his woman. In today’s segment, Marjorie Stenger, owner of Maddyandme, shares her views on the importance of supporting your spouse’s dreams.

 Your husband is a photographer, and you do a wonderful job at supporting and promoting his work to your followers. What goes through your mind when you do it? 

Marjorie Stenger: I don’t think twice about supporting his passion. He is amazing at what he does! It’s so important to be your partner’s number 1 fan and support their dreams! 

MV: How has Jacquis’ passion for photography inspired you to pursue your dreams? 

MS: He works incredibly hard and has so much integrity in his work. It’s definitely inspiring for my family as a whole to see him doing what he loves and being successful at it. He reciprocates any dreams or passions I have, so his support and input is a huge boost to any venture I believe in.

MV: You recently launched Maddy and Me, in what ways does Jacquis help support your vision for this site?
Jacquis is the one who taught me how to start a small business: He’s taught me how to find vendors, create an e-commerce site, use social media for marketing purposes, even down to properly shipping packages.

MV: What is it about Jacquis that you love the most?

MS: That’s a super hard question! Lol. There’s so many things to love about him! He is awesome! His loyalty to me and our family is what I love the most. Anything he does, it’s for us.

MV: What advice would you give women that don’t support their significant other’s passions?

MS: How can a relationship work without supporting your partner’s passions? Those passions are what shapes them into who they are. You MUST allow your partner to have dreams and goals, even if they fail or change those dreams every two weeks. You never want you or your partner to live with the regret of “what if I did things differently, what if I never gave up on that goal.” You must support one another, lift each other up, be each-other’s backbone, and support them. If they fail, at least you’ll have great stories about your experiences to tell your grand kids!

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