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lauren dempsey, l the wild ones, mom bloggerMaking time for those you love can get a little out of hand when you’re a mother. Lauren Dempsey, blogger at L The Wild Ones, shares her experience with juggling the different roles of motherhood while keeping the fire alive in her marriage.

MomViews: Sometimes it really feels like every mom has to throw on a cape and become supermom. With three little ones, how do you and your husband find time for yourselves?

Lauren Dempsey: We just try to make our relationship a priority. We are pretty lax about the rules around her, but strictly adhere to the kids bedtime routine. They go to bed the same time every night, that way we are promised a little quiet time together.

MV: You recently had a date night with your love. I’m sure you and your husband were a bit relieved to have been able to “step away,” so to speak. I, for one, feel guilty when I leave the dog home alone for a certain amount of hours. How did you both feel on your date?

LD: It always feels great to get out with out any distractions. Fortunately my husband’s parents are awesome and they not only baby sit, but also puppy sit for us, so the dog wasn’t home alone!

MV: If you were given five more minutes each day, what would you do with it? 

LD: I would probably grab an extra cup of coffee or add it on to a hot shower! I would definitely add it to something for myself. I feel like as wives and mothers we give so much to those we love and once and a while its okay to do something for you.

MV: They say every child is special in their own way. What do you love most about each? 

LD: Ah! Too many things, but I’ll try to keep it short. Riley is quirky and imaginative and so creative. She is also brainy and wise for her age. We always say she is an old soul. Jack is the diplomat. The other day a kid pushed him on the playground and instead of fighting back or telling on him, he just wanted to talk it out and know the why of it. I love that he has such a sweet and sensitive spirit and is wild and lively too. He is my little superman. Luke, I love his laugh. It is a belly full. And his curiosity and fearlessness, even though it scares me. He is definitely a cuddle but and will just sit with me and hug and kiss me. How could I not love that?

MV: What advice would you give a mother who is overwhelmed with the “supermom” role? 

LD: I know it’s hard, but give yourself a time out, 5 minutes where you look at something that makes you happy or read something that inspires and motivates you. I often have to do this. It can be hard to feel like you’re juggling it all. Also, ask for help. Sometimes I say to my husband “I need you to do this.” I am big on “Honey Do” lists. It can be so easy to just get caught up in the hectic day to day routine and I just try to remind myself that I am never going to get this day or moment back and that helps to put things in perspective and think a little more positively.

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