mommy blog, motherhood, motherhood through my eyesHome Is Where The Heart IsMoms face many challenges in life, and most of the time they just have to roll up their sleeves and find the best way to deal with whatever curve balls come their way. Having one child might seem like plenty for some, while others are open to the idea of creating a family of two or more children. If you have been following my blog, you might have read my post on why having one child is enough for me, but for Julie Martin, blog writer at Home Is Where The Heart Is, thoughts of having a second child, one after the other, were welcomed with open arms.  
Katie and Sophia

Julie’s daughters, Katie and Sophia.

MomViews: Your home must be exciting with two toddlers! How do you manage to keep up with them?

Julie Martin: Sometimes I take one day at a time – each day is different. As my girls get older, it gets little bit easier. Katie is almost 3 years old and Sophia is 18 months old. We do have rough days once in awhile. There are some days where they both want Mommy, so I’m holding them both. My girls will play and share with each other, but there are times where they will fight and hurt each other. I barely turn my back and something happens.

MV: After the birth of my son, everyone has been trying to talk me into having a second right away. Did you ever experience this after your first daughter? If so, how did you deal with it?

JM: After having Katie, no one asked me when I was going to have a second. But when I was pregnant with Sophia, people would say, “You’re pregnant again?” Yes I was. Now many people ask me if we’re having anymore. And my response is, “We’re done.” Two kids is plenty.

MV: What was your husband’s initial reaction when you told him you were pregnant the second time?

JM: I knew I was pregnant at 3 weeks. I just had that feeling and I knew. I think my husband knew too, but we didn’t say anything until it was time to take the pregnancy test. The first test was negative (I wasn’t quite late yet). We waited for few days and took another test – positive. It took us a little bit for everything to sink in. As days went on into my pregnancy, we became more happy about our new addition to our family.

MV: What is one of your favorite memories with your daughters?

JM: Of course I love the day Katie and Sophia were both born. Another favorite memory with Katie is when she first told me she loved me. It made me feel so good inside. Another favorite memory with Sophia is when she gets excited to see me and will give me a great big hug and kiss.

MV: Some first-time mothers worry about not being able to love their second child as much as their first, or even fear they will not be able to give their children enough love and attention. What advice would you give to these mothers?

JM:  I love my daughters both the same. I couldn’t imagine life without Katie and Sophia. Your heart just knows how to make room to love the other child just the same as the first child. To the mothers out there, to help each child feel even more loved, take each child on a special ‘mother-child’ date. They’ll enjoy the extra connection time with you.

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