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Motherhood isn’t a walk in the park. For some women the difficulties began during their pregnancy, while others considered labor to have been the toughest. In a five-question survey, I was able to track what moms had to say about their experience along with the day-to-day challenges they face. The graph below indicates caring for their children is the toughest for 47% of moms. Motherhood labor pregnancy

Childcare can get expensive, not only financially but emotionally. One mother expressed her concern with having someone else care for her children: “[I] don’t want anyone else to care for them, but life goes on,” she then explained why, “You have to work or go to school and you just have to leave their side for hours. Regardless of your child’s age — mine are three and two weeks old — and it never gets easy!”

Other mothers considered childcare as the toughest part of parenting because your kids always come first, and you never really know if you’re making the right choices for them. For single mothers this can be difficult. One shared her views: “‘…Sometimes I can’t afford to give or get my child the things she may want or need due to lack of education and finances.”

A Mother’s Love
Love was a common theme among these mothers. Whether they found unconditional love or sublime love, these mothers can all agree that it is a love they had never experienced before and watching their children grow are all part of the blessings of motherhood.

Join me next week for a session on advice for single-parenting.

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  1. I agree with that taking care of children is the toughest. You spend more time doing that than the other two. There are certain days that seem worse than others. There are days that I want to have time to myself.

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