MomViews: Working Together As A Team

mommy blog, motherhood, motherhood through my eyesGo Shout Love LogoGo Shout Love is a movement to help families with very sick children. I have been following Co-Founder, Kristin Estok, on Instagram for almost a year now and I remember her excitement when she first introduced her project. In this week’s MomViews segment she shares her experience in working with her partner to achieve a common goal.

MomViews: I remember when you first announced your project, Go Shout Love, and how excited you were about it. The enthusiasm about what it stood for, and what it means to you and Tiffany is so inspiring for bloggers and moms alike. How did you and Tiffany come up with the idea? 

Kristin Estok: Tiffany and I came up with the idea after I wrote a feature on my personal blog about a little girl named Nella who had just been diagnosed with a terminal illness, SMA Type 1. Nella’s mom, Grace was a friend of a friend of mine and her story really hit my heart, as I was a first time mom to a baby close in age to Nella. We did the feature on Nella and then decided to throw her an Instagram Auction to help offset medical costs. The support that came with throwing that Instagram Auction was unbelievable and people from all over wanted to help and offering their love and support to Nella and her family. Tiffany was a huge help to me with the auction and once it was wrapped up we were like, “This could really be something.” We began to receive emails from families from all over asking if they could help them fundraise or feature their story and we just decided to go from there and really try to make it something!

MV: Being from two different states, and dealing with the struggles of everyday life, I can imagine there have been thousands of emails back and forth and numerous phone calls. How has the collaboration process been? 

KE: The collaboration process has been interesting that’s for sure! It’s been so fun though and Tiffany and I have grown to be really close friends and we were really great together a team. Thank God for technology because we would not be able to partner together without it. We do a lot of late night phone calls, Facebook messages between the whole team, and lots of text messages! It is absolutely a bit unconventional, but so far it works!

MV: What is your ultimate goal for Go Shout Love? 

KE: Our ultimate goal for Go Shout Love is to see it grow and to see it affect individuals worldwide. We want Go Shout Love to be more than just a charitable organization, we want it to be a movement that affects the hearts and souls of everyone around us. We can only feature one child a month, but if we can motivate and encourage someone else to go shout love and support to another family walking through a similar journey as our featured families, then I think we’ve done our job and I would call it a success.

MV: If you could summarize the last few months for Go Shout Love in one word, what would it be and why? 

KE: Ah, one word! I talk too much to have one word :), but if I must choose I would say “thrilling”. I say that because the opportunities that have come our way and come the way of our featured families has been an absolute trip. This has been a crazy ride and it’s been so full of adventures and love from people all over. It has completely changed my view on life and it has been such a thrill!

MV: What advice would you offer other bloggers who are thinking to collaborate on a project? 

KE: My advice would be, if you have an idea or a dream brewing up in your head you need to chase it. You will come up with a million excuses as to why you shouldn’t do it at that time or why it can’t wait, but there will never be a good time. You need to go after it and pursue it with everything you have. It will be hard work and take a lot of sacrifice, but if your heart is in it and you believe in your project then good things will come. I promise you that!

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