MomViews: You're A Mom, Again!

MomViews Motherhood Through My Eyes Some mothers stop after two children, others might try for one or two more. But, there are times you have a third on the way without ever planning it. Viviana Borja, full-time medical assistant and mother of three beautiful little girls, shares her thoughts on having an unexpected pregnancy and raising little women.

MomViews:You recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Sofia, and you look amazing! After already having two girls, and a surprise third, what’s your secret to keeping these girls in line?

Viviana Borja: Yes I just had my third girl she’s 8 weeks now.* Thank you! I sacrificed myself a bit to get back to my original weight, now I have to work on toning but that’s a whole other topic. The best way to keep my three girls inline has been, teaching them to be respectful, organized and helpful around the house. Those qualities were instilled in me and I turned out pretty great haha!

MV: Jay must have a lot of patience dealing with all the women in the house. How does he deal with three princesses and a queen?

VB: Omg yes! Jaime has a lot of patience. Thank God for that. I think his secret has to be the PS 4 lol!

MV: Were there any concerns when you found out you were going to be a mother for the third time?

VB: I was freaking out when I found out I was having a third. I was concerned we wouldn’t have enough funds. I thought I wouldn’t be able to spend quality time with my husband, and most of all, my other two dolls. I didn’t know how I was going to be able to give them the attention they each require. But, somehow it all falls into place and you always have those special moments individually.

MV: What do you like most about being a mother to three girls?

VB: What I love most about being a mother to three beauties is raising them. I have the privilege to teach them, show them and provide them with everything this world has to offer!

MV: What advice would you give to other moms who said they were going to stop at the second and now have a third on the way?

VB: My advice for a woman with a third on the way is be prepared for the worse, this way when you see what it’s really like you’ll appreciate every second.
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Tune in next week for insights on how one mom uses the lessons her mother taught her while raising her 16 siblings. 

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