Monetizing Your Blog (And More) In 2015

Monetizing Your Blog In 2015Dare to breathe new life into your blog this year!

I read so many articles on monetizing blogs and I felt so overwhelmed with the amount of information and sites available for bloggers to earn an income from their website. No matter how many posts you read, there is nothing more promising than putting the tips into practice.

Hosting my blog on limits the campaigns I can participate in, however most websites require Google Analytics, and that is something I have been able to successfully integrate to my website. I recently discussed how you can integrate Google Analytics with hosted blogs. You can read all about it here.

Please note that before you can really get the most out of trying to monetize your blog you are going to need to do some legwork and build your presence first. If you are passionate about working on your blog, it will show and your readers will love you and your blog for it. 🙂 To learn how you can build the presence of your blog, click here.

Monetizing Your Blog And Social Media Sites
Earning an income from your blog sounds like a myth, but there are so many bloggers that invest time and money into their websites. From advertising on other sites to webhosting their own, bloggers know the importance of investing in their passion. Being a part of blogging networks such as Latina Bloggers Network and Latina Mom Bloggers helps me not only connect with brands, but you can get to know different bloggers as well. Local networking groups for bloggers, such as Bloggin’ Mamas South Florida Chapter, are great to connect with bloggers and attend events in your area. This can open doors for you and create long-lasting friendships. 🙂

Every blogger — and just about anyone connecting with family and friends online — knows that engagement is key. I recently shared some tips for bloggers looking to engage more with the online community, and why it is important to connect with others on a personal level here. There is no doubt in my mind that by using blogger networking groups, such as the ones mentioned above, you can learn how other bloggers have been able to improve their websites and monetize their blog. I have discovered a couple of websites that help bloggers earn an income from their website by simply reading other bloggers’ posts. Because I like to read reviews, I always run a Google search to read what other bloggers have to say about a certain website before I join.

Reaching out to other bloggers and asking questions about the different websites they have used is also a good idea. Below are three of my favorite sites I use to connect and discover brands, as well as links with more information on tips to using them:

Moms Affiliate

Are there any other sites you have tried that have been successful for your blog? Comment below!

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