Mar 022015

Top 5 Posts of February 2015

It feels as though just yesterday I was writing the top 5 posts of January 2015, and here I am, discussing another month. If you missed last month’s most-viewed posts, you can check them out here.

In February, I was invited to attend the Mommycise one-year anniversary event, but Sebastian got a fever the night before that stayed until the next day. Ya gotta love teething! Fortunately, the pre-event post drew some interest from readers. I mean, moms getting a workout with their little one is always fun! Being able to do it at a fitness center makes it a lot more interesting. Still wish I went, but as I like to say: “Family first, always.” 

So, without further or do, here are the Top 5 Posts of February 2015:
1. Mommycise Fitness Celebrates One-Year Anniversary!
2. #GetMoreFollowers: Reaching 10 Million Followers
3. Motherhood Changes You
4. MomViews: Teaching Your Child How To Clean Up
5. 5 Things To Include In A Media Kit

Cannot wait for next month’s recap! 

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