Motherhood Has Turned Me Into An Online Shopper

online shopping, ecommerce, retail therapyThere was a time when I was so in love with the idea of going into a store and shopping for necessarily items, and picking up a few wants along the way. Now, as a new member of the mommy world, I dream of a place where every store has drive-thru service. The convenience factor is one reason a second is I would save more by only purchasing items that I need rather than buying “nice-to-have” items for special occasions that never really present themselves.

Although it seems more and more retailers are actually looking into the convenience factor for shoppers, this idea of every store turning into something like a fast-food restaurant is a little 2020 — at least in my book. Retailers have been working on different ways to meet the needs of today’s shoppers. But how, you ask? Well for starters, most of the items I have purchased online have been shipped and delivered to my home faster than I ever imagined. I recall a time when I purchased my son’s carseat on Amazon. It was mid-morning on a Friday and I received the package the following morning without having asked for a quicker delivery date. I was perfectly fine with getting it within a week or so, since I was still pregnant. But, I was excited to see the package at my door. Now, if only the baby came as fast 😉 

So, besides convenience, why am I shopping online more as a mom?

I buy what I need, and occasionally, what I want. 
It arrives at my door.
I can shop in my PJs
I can shop while the baby sleeps.
AND I can shop when my To-Do list is fresh on my mind.

The last one is so important for me. I often forget about the things I need to buy if I don’t write it down or type it into the Notes App on my phone.

Being able to shop for items online makes it easier to find, compare prices and have it shipped to my home. For some retailers, this is an issue. For moms, this is a blessing.

I love you, online shopping. You make motherhood so much easier. 

Anyone else turn into an online shopper since becoming a mother?


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