Motivation Monday: A Wonderful Blogging Journey

work, working hard, things to come, hard work,Keeping up a blog is hard work. Coming up with content to share with readers can be both exciting and mind boggling. I have been working on my blog since August 2013, a month after my son’s birth. It wasn’t easy in the beginning and I really didn’t have a following. Jeff and two or three other friends kept up with my blog and would comment on my Instagram posts with their feedback. It was nice.

Never did I think I’d be connecting with a whole online community through my posts. It’s been a wonderful experience, and I have much to work on and improve, but after seeing my blog reach more than 6,400 views in less than a year, I cannot help but smile. Below are 4 things that really helped spread the word about my blog:

1. Integrate social channels. If you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. you should have your blog shared across all these platforms. It’s your choice whether or not to have it done automatically or manually after each post. I do both.

2. Read and comment on other websites.  I love reading content on other’s blogs. You can learn so much from one other, it’s amazing!

3. Use keywords on every post. You’ve probably seen several bloggers use hashtags on their social posts. If done right, this is a great tool to discover and be discovered. I use similar keywords on my blog posts to help search engines pick up my content, a little SEO for ya! I’m currently working on this month’s style challenge via Curvy Girl on the Run. I tuned into last month’s challenge and made a couple of new social friends. I highly recommend joining these social challenges.

4. Connect with like-minded folks.  Just as you can learn so much from each other, there is much to learn about yourself. I’ve read several posts from first-time mothers on their experience with newborns and it’s fascinating to read about someone’s feelings and be able to better understand the emotions you’ve been dealing with. Regardless of the situation, there’s someone out there dealing the same thing. Feel free to share your experience, your advice, etc., you never know how your words can impact that person’s life.


What other tips can offer someone who is starting out on their blogging journey? 

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