Motivation Monday: Be Thankful

Every day is a new reason to smile, but everything and everyone in your life give you many reasons to say ‘thanks.’

The life I live today was nowhere near the life I had imagined for myself, but like always, someone else had better and bigger plans for me. I love every moment of this new life, even the ones I want to pull my hair out. If it was not for those little instances I would not be as in love with the good times.

Today is proof of how unpredictable everyday life can be. Jeff was going to be off and we had planned a few things for the day. When Jeff arrived from the dog park with Rocky, he told me his boss needed him and he would get Wednesday off in exchange. We ran a couple of errands and Jeff was off to work. Now, it is just me and our boys, relaxing. I do plan to take a quick ride with them to the post office, but we will see how I feel. The weather is in the high 80’s today in South Florida. We might just stay in or hang out in the yard for a bit just to catch some sun rays and take in the breeze. Again, this might not be the life we envisioned but it works for us. <3

I hope you are also having a wonderful start to your week.

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