Motivation Monday: Beauty Is Around You

sunny day, pool reflectionThere is so much beauty in everything and sometimes it’s easy to forget how less really is more.
Whenever I need a little inspiration I look outside our bedroom window. Rain or shine, I stare at the water in the pool. It’s so inviting. I’ve been thinking about jumping in the last few days, just one night after Jeff gets home from work. Jump right in and have it all to myself.
Because we didn’t have a pool back in Jersey nor would we had the chance to enjoy it all year round, having a pool is like a luxury for us. Most folks in Florida could care less because the beach is so close, and most live in communities with pools. In fact, we have a neighbor that has a beautiful backyard with a nice pool, but they never go in. It makes me wonder how much beauty I took for granted back in NJ.
Looking back, I have a mental photo of the people, places and even things that I didn’t appreciate. Sometimes I wish I could go back just for a day. I’d hold my parents extra tight the morning we left for Florida, maybe even ask if they could bring our family pup Toby so I could wish them well. I’d squeeze in an extra hour to talk to Mr. Robayo, and take in that beautiful smile. I’d visit friends and family one last time before our trip. Maybe even stop by Barnes and Noble in Clifton to take in it’s beauty one last time. Make breakfast in our little kitchen and brew Jeff his first cup of coffee,  and take it upstairs for him one last time. I’d even let him knock out on the basement couch so he could enjoy his “man cave” for one more night. Walk down and wake him at 2am so he’d come up to bed with Sebastian and me.

Although there are so many things I could think of that I wish I could do again, they have all become memories I’ll cherish forever. Now, we make new ones, in a new state, new home and surrounded by new people, places and things. All of which are also beautiful.


  1. I've lived in Florida for most of my life and as much as I love the beach and pool, I know I do take it for granted sometimes. I remember when we visited New York for almost two weeks and I loved it but I did start to miss the sun and beach. (It was during the holidays so much colder than Florida, of course!) It's hard when you have to move and feel like you're leaving things behind but like you said, they're memories you'll cherish and you make new memories in your new place. Nice post, enjoyed reading it and now following you on Bloglovin'. Have a nice week. 🙂

  2. Thanks for taking to the time out to read my post. Glad you could relate. NYC is no Florida in the winter time! Just followed you back. Hope you have a nice week as well.

  3. Stopping by from Meandering Monday. Love the photo, it is so calming and relaxing. Following you on Google+.

  4. Thanks, Rhonda. Have a wonderful Monday!

  5. I vacationed in Florida and I will say I disliked the beach. To much salt in the air and it made my hair a mess. I would much rather have a pool and I would enjoy it. #meanderingMonday

  6. Thanks for your feedback, Melissa. I love the beach here but it does get a bit crazy after a certain time. Pools are always fun! 😉

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