Motivation Monday Breathe

Being able to breathe is something we often take for granted.

There will be moments in life when you feel as though someone has you in a chokehold. You are uneasy and cannot find the time to just breathe. The truth is, it is not that you cannot find the time, you are not making the time to do so. We often forget how important it is to just be present. Sometimes that is all your family and friends really need.

Every day I wake up hoping to accomplish a few things, and last week I wanted to get back into the groove of working on my blog, but something held me back. That something was me. Each time I sat down to write something, I preoccupied my mind with something else. I would get up and think of other things I could be doing rather than dedicating time to something I love. The thing about blogging is, if you do not feel like doing it, do not force yourself. I convinced myself to take a break from posts.

Although I continued to monitor social media sites via my mobile phone, I sat back and just let life happen. I put my blogging on hold to enjoy little moments with my son, called my family up North and just enjoyed the little things, like cooking.

Jeff’s cousin has been living with us for almost two weeks and he made me realize two things: 1) There is more to life than sharing it with the world; and 2) You can really enjoy family time once you put aside your own fears. You see, Jeff’s cousin posts on social media a lot, and I started to realize that was something I was doing as well. Since he has moved in, I have learned to cut back and appreciate the little moments I get to breathe again. The photos I take today I save for later dates and just appreciate family time. This also ties into the second thing he made me realize. I have a fear of trying something new. You can say I am pretty set in my ways. For me, family time is not the same if Jeff is working and I am at one of his family’s event. I often avoid those situations because I feel weird. I know I should not let the fact that I miss being around my own family interfere with the way I treat his, but it happens. The hardest part is hearing them say “I love you,” even if they are just saying bye or calling on the phone. Sometimes the whole “us” thing still feels new to me. It has been nearly three years, and here I am today, slowly used to it. I know it bothers Jeff, so I am really trying my best. With all the changes in the past year and a half, it has taken me a lot longer to adjust, but God knows I am handling the best way I can.

This weekend we celebrated Sebastian’s second cousin’s first birthday. It was nice to see the two of them playing. They are quite similar; calm, quiet and very independent. We stopped by the night before the party so Jeff can spend time with them since he would be missing the birthday party due to work. Here are the boys playing:

Such cuties! <3

How do you cope with change? This mama needs some tips. 

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