Motivation Monday: Just Do It

Richard Branson QuoteI was running around like crazy this morning doing house chores and I needed some inspiration for today’s post. So, I went to Instagram and saw an image from Richard Branson. This post made sense out of my morning madness. As a first-time mom, I always want to make sure I am doing everything right without skipping a beat.

This morning, I wanted to get everything cleaned up before noon. I had planned to take the little one out to the park, but once I got us both ready to go, he was ready for a nap.

Sebastian had tired himself out this morning by running around with daddy and trying to unpack the diaper bag (one of his current favorite things to do). With him asleep, I have been able to get a couple more things done, including this post. As we prepare for the next 72 hours with daddy, a nap will be much needed. The boys get so excited when Jeff’s home, and so does mommy. There will be plenty of mini-mommy vacations during those hours, and I will plan some alone time with daddy. Maybe we will get lucky and have some pool time while the boys rest.

Aside from wanting to perfect motherhood, I have been working non-stop on The Pines News and my blog.  Connecting with locals and getting to know my surroundings has been a great way to fill the void of not having my family with me. It has really made adjusting to a new state (and the climate) a lot easier. Becoming a publisher of these two sites is something I have never really done in the past — sure, having LiveJournal, Xanga, (free) WordPress site, etc. in the past was a lot of fun, but blogging for “fun” can become a lot of work within seconds. But, it is all worth it in the end!

By connecting with locals I have been able to love life a little more, and create a second family. Speaking of which! This week is the Bloggin’ Mamas Pink and White Havana Nights event, and I cannot wait to see all my mamas again! 🙂 The support we show each other is just amazing — I love it!

I hope you are having a fabulous Monday!

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