Motivation Monday: Marriage's Like A Basketball Game

Bring Your A Game To

This post was originally shared on the TohniStyleTV blog and has been reposted on my site to share with my readers. 

Marriage is a lot like playing a sport. Your family is always on your side, and like a team player, you do anything you can to lift them up. With my wedding around the corner there is nothing I want more than to have a long, happy marriage. But, this requires work.

Our family gets together at least once a month to play basketball, and this can get pretty interesting. Some of us are competitive, while others are just having fun. For Jeff and I, it is a mix of the two.

Like most things in life, we discuss strategies of other players and keep each other posted on which ones are easier to pass up. One thing remains on or off the court, we have our backs. Our game philosophy is a lot like our relationship: work on what you can overcome, do our best and keep it moving.

So, how much work does a relationship require? Well, going back to the basketball game comparison, the ball is always on your court. Do not double dribble, if you know what I mean, keep your eyes on where you are going and aim at the basket. If you keep these things in mind, you will stress less and enjoy life with your partner a little more.

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