Motivation Monday: Never Stop Loving

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Love starts off as a simple word you hear being thrown everywhere: “I love this,” “I love that,” “I love it!” With time, you begin to understand its meaning. 

I read a post on the other day from Gerald Rogers, a man who had recently finalized his divorce after 16 years of marriage. His words made me wonder how many of us living in the “microwave generation” — a time when people want and expect everything on-demand — are willing to take the lessons he learned and apply them to our lives while teaching us the beauty in appreciating the people we say we love.

Although his post was meant for men, there are several points he mentions that can help women as well. When you love someone, you love them whole-heartedly. The image in this post explains it best: Marriage is giving it all you’ve got. It’s not just marriage; it’s any relationship in your life. You’ll be able to appreciate your significant other, family and friends if you gave a little more. Sometimes I don’t want to dial a friend or family member because I know there’s something else I need to do and that phone call is going to take at least an hour. Once I think about how much that call will brighten that person’s day — like my grandmother — I feel that hour or so mad her smile, and that’s all I need. Selflessly, I made someone else happy, even if I’ve knee-deep in laundry that needs to folded.

Besides making someone smile, make yourself happy. Rogers’ sixth point is Take full accountability for your emotions. You won’t be able to smile if your too busy complaining, unless you do it in a sarcastic way. To improve the relationships in your life, it’s so important to look beyond the faults and focus on the positives. It’s how you’ll move forward. So what if he didn’t take out the trash last night, at least he spent an extra 15 minutes to tell you about his day.

You are in control of your emotions, with that being said, do whatever possible to love, and keep loving the people in your life. They are there for a reason and love you just as much, even when you drive them crazy. 😉

Happy Monday, loves!

‘Til tomorrow…

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  1. great post & some awesome tips to keep in mind day to day

  2. Thanks! I think it's important to remember that love is an on-going process. You HAVE to keep it feeling like new! 🙂

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