Motivation Monday: Remember How You Felt

How you feel

Every day gets a little bit easier. Sebastian is now a one-year-old, and is wilder than ever. Although he can be a handful, I always try to remember that he is just exploring the world around him.

As he continues to grow I think of the many things he has left behind, such as his swing, walker and more. His glass bottles are no longer a chore. Boiling them every single day to make sure he did not catch an infection, and I cannot forget the pump! Rushing home from work to pump breast milk during my lunch hour was not fun. Eventually I gave in and let my dad give him formula.

All this no longer matters. At least, it does not seem to matter to Sebastian. He has passed these stages. Slowly perfecting his walk, getting closer to a run and then he is off to more important things. Lately, climbing is one of his favorite things to do. Climbs on the couch, on the speakers, and as of late, the bed. The smile on his face once he reaches his destination is priceless, and very much inspiring. I hope to always have that same smile when the day ends. As tired as I am from chasing him around to make sure he does not upset the pup I have to smile at the little things because one day all these tired nights and all the madness will no longer matter. The things that will are his happiness, what he has learned, and most importantly, how much we have loved him. I know he is aware of how much we care about him — heck, I sometimes hold him a little too tight when we hug because he has completely changed my life. And for that, I am forever thankful.

I hope you and your little one(s) are having a wonderful Monday! <3

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