Motivation Monday: Rise And Shine

dog beach, siberian husky, beach dog, south floridaI mentioned our new morning routine last week and it’s been a great addition to our “late” days. But Friday we did something different. We skipped the pool and went to the beach, the four of us.

Sneaking Rocky on the beach before “dog hours” was pretty easy and his reaction was priceless. Although it wasn’t his first time there, it was a different experience for him. He was able to enjoy it without other dogs around (okay, there was another one there but he was on the other side of the beach).

Rocky rolled on the dried up seaweed and went halfway into the water. It was nice to see him enjoy the beach. Waking up earlier than usual and heading out to the beach to have breakfast was a great idea. We were able to enjoy the rest of our afternoon with family. I told Jeff it didn’t really feel like we went to the beach that morning. He said he felt the same until he smelled the seaweed on Rocky’s nose two days later. 😉

Below are more photos of our Friday morning:

Hollywood Beach Husky on the beach
Sebastian at the beach Siberian Husky on the beach
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