Motivation Monday: Shake It Up

monday, shake it up, refresh yourself

Don’t let mundane tasks wear you down. Think of all the different things that make you happy. Try spending time with those you love and even take time out to reflect on your life.

Jeff and I haven’t really had family time the last few weeks due to work and it’s made me think twice about our decision to move. Although I wasn’t feeling it this morning — I didn’t go to sleep until 2am — and I knew Jeff wasn’t having a great morning (we feed off each other’s energy), there was something on my mind that I knew would help.

We barely ever use the pool so I came up with this crazy idea to have mornings by the pool on Jeff’s late days. This way, regardless of how our day ends up, we have a good morning to look forward to. The smile on Sebastian’s face when he splashing around is adorable. And I will admit that seeing Jeff dive in the pool is the sexiest thing ever. 😉 Maybe one day we’ll convince Rocky to come swim with us.

‘Til tomorrow, loves…Motherhood Through My Eyes Signature

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