Motivation Monday: Stick It Out

Whatever you decide is your decision.

If you choose to do something, whatever it may be, someone will comment on it. Do it anyway.

I have seen and heard of situations that I would probably have acted differently had I been in the person’s shoes. The biggest test is being the person wearing those shoes. Sometimes the shoes are too big or too small to fill, and you just have to pray it never happens to you.

So, for moments when you feel you did not make the right decision, just think back at why you chose that route. Every day is an opportunity to improve your life — all 86,400 seconds in it. 😉

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and weekend.


  1. I love this. Thank you for the motivating words. Happy Monday mama.

  2. Life Breath Present

    How right you are. I know I made a decision when I was just a wee teen that I'd live without regrets. This has sometimes meant being OK with a not so great choice, but mostly in being OK with making the best choices I knew how at whatever time I needed to make that choice.

    As a result, today I am quite alright with each of my choices, as I know I made them and I'm OK with having had whatever experiences I've had. Besides, at the end of the day my choices led me to the beautiful life I do have today! 🙂

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