Feb 172014

Top 3 Bloggers

I needed a motivation to get back to doing my nails. Turns out, Manicure Mondays weren’t going to work every week.With my hands constantly in use it’s a little tough to let them dry up completely. I’ll do my best to slip one in every two weeks, or so.

And now, it’s time get back to Motivation Mondays because well, we all need a little motivation on a Monday morning.

This week, I’m highlighting top 3 bloggers that inspire me to keep going. You may have heard of them already, if not, you should definitely click through to check them out. I’ve added a link to their blog and Twitter handle below:

1) A Love Affair With FashionNaty Michele
2) Epic Mommy AdventuresNatasha Peter
3) Makin’ My Apartment A HomeARod

Naty Michele is a great inspiration to everyone who is looking to make the most of their journey in the fashion industry. Naty’s goals are her motivation. With more than 900K pageviews, she still works just as hard as she did when she first started her love affair. Her determination is real, and most of all, inspirational.

Natasha Peter is one heck of an inspiration to all moms – married, single, co-parenting… you name it! She writes about single parenting and her daily life with her adorable little boy, Micah, who is just too cute for words! I love reading her posts because they share the struggles and the brightside to parenting. Her words are great for pick-me-ups and will keep you coming back for more.

I’ve known ARod for quite some time now, and some would say this was a given, however, she’s an inspiration to get things done around the house. A crafty mommy that’s making the most of renting — now that’s awesome. Her projects are interesting to watch. She takes garage sale/thrift store finds and makes them into masterpieces. They get better each time — I often wish I was as crafty, but there’s one thing we share in common, our love for dollar stores! 🙂 Any blogger who can make a dollar store purchase look amazing is awesome in my book.


All these women have a passion for what they discuss in their blogs and love sharing it with the world. I admire that, and I think that’s the key to blogging, writing in general. Thanks for the inspiration this week and always.

‘Til next week, loves… Keep your spirits high, it’s only Monday! 😉

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  1. awwww I'm blushing thanks doll luff you and your new family and am so happy to be following your journey now that it has taken you out of this state but with blogging we will always be connected thanks so much for the feature

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