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Motivational blog toolsThere comes a time in your life when you do not feel motivated to write. It is no longer a writer’s block issue, it is simply lack of motivation to keep going. Whenever I am faced with these moments I like to think of new ways to rework my blog and think of new ways to engage my readers, and most importantly, keep myself entertained as well.

I am a visual person — always have been. So when it comes to reworking my blog, it usually means a new look and image ideas. When I first started this tips series it was focused on moms. I had introduced it at a time when people were posting on Instagram about “what so-and-so be like.” You know, “Dominicans be like…” or “Spanish people be like…” Being a first-time mom, I wanted to create content that would help other moms in my position. Someone I knew personally made a comment about how I had just given birth and “considered myself an expert.” Although I should not have let her ignorance get to me, it did.

I started this blog to document my personal experience, hence the name: “Motherhood Through My Eyes.” I learned a valuable lesson after removing the person from my Instagram page. The truth is, not everyone is going to be happy for you. There will be people who are miserable with their own lives and they want to bring down your shine. The best thing to do is dismiss negative people from your life and continue to do whatever it is that makes you smile. For me, it is working on my blog and connecting with the online mom community.

Keeping Up With Your Blog
To help keep me motivated during the week, I like to look at my blog stats and pay close attention to the types of posts that get the most views and where they come from. This helps me better understand my readers. Yes, this blog is about my life with my little family, but occasionally I will throw in some posts that benefit the reader, such as tips.

WordPress has pretty detailed stats, but I also like to look at clicks on my Facebook page and Twitter posts. On Facebook, I use the Facebook Insights tab and click on individual posts to see how many clicks they received. As for Twitter, I like to use custom links from bitly to track clicks and where these clicks occur.

Scheduling posts is always fun when you have so many ideas in mind. I originally started a spreadsheet on Google Drive to help track my MomViews series. With time, I began to miss writing things down on paper. I thought of my school years and how much I loved having a planner. So, I headed to Target and picked one up. I chose a small planner that I could take with me wherever I go. Although I do use my phone to “jot” down ideas, I like to brainstorm with future posts and upcoming events with my planner. Also, by having a planner I am a lot more organized.

Creating Images
I love to use images to accompany posts because it helps tell the story. They are typically photos I have taken with my iPhone and I add text with Keynote or PicLab. There are moments I create images from scratch, e.g. the image in this tips series. There is also Canva, another free option that can beautify your blog and even your social media sites.  Whatever image you decide to use, make sure it helps your post.

If you need expert advice contact a graphic designer. Since my brother is a graphic designer, I usually consult with him whenever I have a question.

Draft It Up
Whether you are at an event or conducting an interview, sometimes people speak faster than you are able to write. For these moments, I like to use the Evernote App. It is easy to use and integrates with your computer, mobile phone and tablet. The best part is you can record audio while typing away some notes. If you are at an event and would like to share the knowledge on social media, you can also try these tips I mentioned here.

With the Evernote App, you can send your notes (audio included) from your phone or tablet directly to your email. If you already have the app on your computer you can just open your account to access a previously recorded note.

If you need an extra set of eyes to review your draft, use the Hemingway App. The app helps clarify your points and makes it easier to read for your followers.

Do you have any tools that motivate you? 

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