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voxbox-blogimage-popup2The following complimentary items were sent from Influenster’s #NoMoreTangles VoxBox and are for testing purposes. All comments  are my own.

I wrote about my first time using the Johnson’s No More Tangles Shampoo and Conditioner, the Leave-In Conditioner and the Detangling Spray in a previous post, but after a month of using these products I had to share our results.

After seeing great results on my son’s hair, I had to try the Leave-In Conditioner on myself. Living in the Sunshine State can be tough on your locks. The amount of time you spend in the sun, bathing in pools and on the beach can really damage your hair. Using Leave-In Conditioner is essential to your hair regimen. I have used others in the past, I even went so far as to purchasing a silicone-based product. (I know, what was I thinking!) But there is something about the smell of a product — which is why I previously went for the silicone-based product.

By reading the benefits of using Johnson’s Leave-In Conditioner, I knew this product could work for me as well. And to top it off, I was not the only one fascinated by its smell. Family members kept commenting on how great his hair smells. Although the Johnson’s Head-To-Toe wash also has a sweet smell, it is much more subtle than the No More Tangles line. The best part, on Day Two, our hair still looks fabulous!

Sebastian’s Reaction
Since day one, Sebastian has taken a liking for these products. But, he recently did something he had not done before — he stared at himself in the mirror. He stood tall and looked straight into his own eyes. It was a proud-mommy moment, and it inspired me to hold my head a little higher on days I want to scream.

I was lucky enough to capture this moment. I will treasure this photos forever.
Johnson's NoMoreTanglesThere is nothing more precious than seeing your child smiling. It reassures mommies that they are doing great, even when they feel like it. <3

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