My Favorite Things: Tom's of Maine Aluminum-Free Deodarant

Tom's of Main Apricot Aluminum Free Deodorant
I think we have all had stinky armpits at one point in our lives. Whether you are working out and sweating all over the place or just simply having terrible body odor for whatever reason.

Since puberty, my periods would be accompanied with terrible body odor. It was embarrassing. I tried everything. Secret, Dove, and even men’s deodorant. For years I stuck to Dove anti-perspirant. Little did I know I was blocking my pores and even developed an enlarged lymph node under my left armpit. Gross.

Antibiotics helped bring it down and I switched from shaving to waxing my armpits. Because hair traps smells, I just could not wait five weeks to have my armpit hairs pulled. I went back to shaving. I stuck to men’s deodorant during this time period. I used Old Spice. It was the only thing that helped, of course that was until my hormones went crazy after my pregnancy.

Breastfeeding And Body Odor
Breastfeeding does wonders for your child and your body, but it may cause smelly pits. This happened to me and other moms I have talked to on the topic.

One mother told me it happened to her when she first started to breastfeed. Another said it happened to her while breastfeeding all four of her kids. I tried looking online to see if there was a remedy. Several moms suggested getting anti-perspirant deodorant. That was a no-go for me. Then I read something about rubbing a lime under my armpit. I had shaved the morning of and it stung. It did work but I shave my armpits almost every day so lime was out of the question.

One morning I stepped out to CVS to pick up a few things for the house. I spotted a Tom’s of Maine deodorant next to Jeff’s favorite and I read the words “long-lasting” and was “aluminum-free.” I had never tried aluminum-free so I picked up the apricot scent and went to the cash register to make my purchase.

This has been one of the best purchases I have made for myself. It does exactly what it says without irritating my skin or clogging my pores — that’s a win in my book!

If you have similar issues with your deodorant I suggest you try Tom’s of Maine.

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