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Today’s Love Topic:
When it comes to love, there are different ways to demonstrate your devotion. Are you more of a doer or sayer? In other words, do you prefer to show your love in your daily actions or are you someone who likes to say it as much as you can? Share examples of your love style!

I’m very affectionate, and whenever Jeff’s around, I can’t stop holding his hand or kissing him. Some people might think it’s a little too much, but I don’t mind. It took some time to get Jeff to show a little PDA, and I always said I’d change that about him (yay, me!).

Although I love showing Jeff how much I care for him with little things, such as leaving his sandals at the door for him to change into when he comes home from work, I also find that telling him how I feel is important. And I do this often. I’ve been writing him notes since we were dating (literally, after our first date). It’s sort of silly, but it’s always nice to show someone you were thinking of them.

Out of the two, show or tell, I think I’m a mix between both. I tell him each day how much I love him and I show him because, to me, words mean nothing if they’re not backed by actions. And, as so, words without actions get lost with time.

‘Til next time, loves…
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