My Summer Wedding

Wedding Ceremony


Today is the big day. The day I hope to remember for the rest of my life. Everything will be perfect, at least it should be. We will be surrounded by family and friends all of which have taken their vacation days to spend with us — that’s love! I am so thankful for everyone who was able to make it out here to join us. And most importantly, I am thankful to be able to share this wonderful day with the man I love.

Funny coincidences about this day: 
We always spent Thursdays together while we were dating. Those were our nights. <3
Just like our first date, we will be dining at a Cuban restaurant and will be sharing a table with other people (this time, they are not complete strangers).
AND our initial conversation over text began on this date.

To top it all off, none of this was done intentionally. Okay, maybe the Cuban restaurant was subconsciously, but that is it!
Photos to come!

‘Til tomorrow, loves…Motherhood Through My Eyes Signature

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